How To Send Text Messages Anonymously

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How To Send Text Messages Anonymously

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Send Anonymous Messages To Whatsapp Without Showing Your Number

NGL, an anonymous messaging app, allows users to ask their Instagram followers questions or comments, like the one above. Jordan Erb/Insider

Anonymous apps have long held some sort of attraction for young people. They provide feelings of anticipation, dopamine hits if unfamiliar thoughts or questions are appropriate. Will someone confess their feelings for you? Am I showering you with compliments? One can only hope.

NGL is the latest to offer this experience – and it has exploded in popularity in recent months. The app, titled “Not Gonna Lie,” was launched in November 2021 and has been downloaded around 7.3 million worldwide, according to Apptopia.

Most of those downloads happened in mid-June, briefly sending NGL to No. 1 in Apple’s US App Store. It still tops the Status of Life App Store chart.

Secret Anonymous Texting App Apk For Android Download

The application itself is simple: when downloaded, it sends a link to be pasted into your Instagram story or bio, inviting your followers to send you anonymous messages. Then you wait for the replies, which appear in the inbox in the NGL application. By clicking “Reply” you can send messages to your Instagram story with a reply.

“I saw one person using it, then I saw three or four people using it a day,” Tomas Meer, 23, told Insider. “I was like, ‘What’s going on? I haven’t seen a Q&A like this in years.’

Of course, NGL isn’t the first to tap into the youthful allure of online anonymity. Services like its predecessors –, Curious Cat, YikYak, Yolo and LMK – have received mixed reviews.

Last year, Snap suspended Yolo and LMK in a blowout case involving a young child who was abused on the platform for months and died by suicide. The pending lawsuit alleges that Yolo and LMK violated consumer protection laws and that their brand of apps is considered dangerous to misuse.

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Leak Lets You Send Anonymous Emails

Meanwhile, competing apps like and Yik Yak have been dogged by claims that they allow cyberbullying. Yik Yak was last shut down in 2017, but it’s back.

Amid the newfound success of NGLs, similar concerns are beginning to arise. Although its website says it “uses algorithms to clean up harmful language and abuse,” NBC News tested the app and found inappropriate phrases and offensive words slipped through the cracks.

“One guy told me they thought I was pretty, but they were shy. So I asked them to swipe (on my story) and they did,” she continued. “When my schedule is clear, we will meet.”

Macias had some questions that he didn’t feel were worth answering, but overall, he said, using the app was a good experience. Most of the people submitting questions are people close to them or people who want to be close to them, he said.

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Mier, who previously received comments for using and Curious Cat, said he will use NGL again when he hunts for external validation.

“I think it’s a bit of an ego thing — to think that someone wants to share something unfamiliar with you,” Mayer said. “When you get messages like ‘You’re really beautiful’ or ‘I’m proud of you’ you feel good.” Editors independently select and review products. If you make a purchase through affiliate links, we may receive a commission, which helps support our testing.

If you’re an Instagram user, you’ve probably noticed that people ask you to answer questions on their stories, which they say are anonymous. But everyone knows that Instagram users can see who is viewing their stories and that your username is associated with any answers you give in official Instagram polls or Q&A boxes. So, what gives?

Meet NGL (opens in new window), an application that allows you to create a URL that can be used to request anonymous feedback from followers on social media. Short for “don’t lie,” NGL allows your followers to answer or ask questions without revealing their identity, although NGL gives the questioner “hints” about your identity if they pay, so proceed with caution.

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What Is The Ngl App? How To Use The Anonymous Messaging Platform Trending On Instagram Revealed

If that sounds like a recipe for cyberbullying – remember, Secret and YikYak? – NGL says “global AI content moderation” will clean up “harmful language and bullying”.

“Our algorithm can detect the meaning of emojis and web scrapers pull specific examples of emoji usage,” NGL said. “This means we’re always on the move, we understand the language and know how to clean up the bad stuff.”

Internet users, of course, excel at “bad things”, but you can be the judge of how NGL handles poison (it allows me to send a “you suck” message). Here’s how to start sharing and asking secrets on Instagram.

NGL is not an official Instagram feature; You must download the NGL: Anonymous Q&A (opens in new window) app from the App Store (opens in new window) or Google Play (opens in new window). Once downloaded, the app will ask for your Instagram username. You do not need to provide a password; In fact, you can use any Instagram handle. I typed in my username and NGL approved it.

How To Send An Anonymous Message On Instagram

NGL did not respond to requests for comment on how its app works, but it works as a URL generator. You simply type in your Instagram handle so that NGL pulls up a profile picture and name that appears when you paste the URL into your Stories.

And while the NGL app was designed with Instagram in mind, the link can be posted to any social media page or shared privately. (However, Snapchat is divided into anonymous apps.) On a computer, the link will open in a browser, where people can type in replies sent to your NGL inbox.

To ask questions, you must create a link. Open the NGL app and tap Get Quiz, then search for your Instagram username. Once found, click on the Copy Link button. Open the Instagram app, click on the smiley face icon, choose a contact sticker and put your URL.

Viewers of your stories will see the NGL link just like any other link you post.

Meilleurs Sites Web De Messages Anonymes Gratuits

You can click share! Buttons in the NGL app automatically generate a template that you can share on your Instagram story the same way, which is useful if you’re not sure what to post.

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NGL will notify you whenever someone posts a question or answer using the link. Check your messages in the NGL app by clicking the Inbox tab at the top of the screen. In your inbox, messages take the form of unmarked letters. Opening the letter will reveal replies from people who click on your link. Responding to a message will take you to Instagram, where you can send your response as a story or as a private message if you think you know who sent it.

Want to know who sent an anonymous message? Open the message in the NGL app and tap Who sent this. > Enable in-app purchase “suggestions” in NGL for who sent the message. On the iPhone, she was willing to charge us $9.99 a week for NGL Pro; NGL says it offers a “low” price, which appears to be $1.99 or $6.99 according to the App Store description.

We haven’t upgraded to see what kind of recommendations the app provides. The app’s FAQ states that “over the next few weeks we will introduce specific tips that will make it easier to understand who sent a message.” So keep that in mind when you pour your heart into NGL.

How To Send An Anonymous Message On Facebook Messenger

In general, to delete history from an app, you have to delete the account you created and delete the app from your phone. But you won’t unless you upgrade to the Pro version of NGL

Create an account in the app. But you have to get out. NGL says that if you opt out, “your messages will be permanently deleted.”

If you want to delete NGL, or generate a link using a different Instagram handle, click the Settings icon on the right and select Delete Account > Yes, Delete Account. NGL will return you to the welcome screen, where you can log in with another account.

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