How To Record Your Screen With Sound On Windows 10

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If you want to capture a video from your iPhone or iPad screen, you don’t need to download an app to complete the task. The ability to record screen activity is built right into iOS and iPadOS through a feature called Screen Recording.

How To Record Your Screen With Sound On Windows 10

With this tool, you can start recording your screen and take screenshots one by one in the video. This makes taking on screen tasks on your iPhone or iPad much easier than going through other apps. Here’s how to set up and use the built-in recording tools.

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Before you can use the screen recording feature, you must first enable it in the control panel. On your iPhone or iPad, go to Settings > Control Panel and make sure the Access app is turned on. In other control sections, tap the screen recording to add it to the included control section, which appears in the control center.

Now go to the screen you want to record. Scroll to open the control panel and click the round screen recording button. You will see a countdown, after which the recording will begin.

Want to record audio? Perhaps you are reporting what you see when your iPhone or iPad is recording your screen. Long press the record button in Control Center and press the microphone button that appears to mute or mute your video.

By default, recordings are stored in the photo library, but you can choose a different location from the list provided when you press the long recording button. Click Start Recording from this window to start the calculation. A red icon with a timer will appear at the top of the screen.

How To Record Your Iphone Screen

After you finish your video, you don’t need to go back to the control panel. Tap the red icon at the top of the screen and tap Stop when prompted to stop recording your screen. A notification will appear indicating that the recorded video has been saved to your device.

You can also use the screen recorder to take a screenshot of any activity that has already been recorded. This trick can be useful if you have trouble taking a screenshot of a particular project. After recording your video, play back the footage you recorded and pause at the appropriate time.

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Take a screenshot on your device by pressing the appropriate key to take a static screenshot (side button + volume up on iPhone or iPad Pro without a home button; power button + home button on devices with a home button).

Your recordings and screenshots will be saved to your photo library by default. From the app, you can click on a recording and then click Play to view it. From here, you can also navigate through the video, close it, share it, or delete it.

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First, if you don’t have screen recording option in your control center, you can easily install it. Here’s how:

What’s The Difference Between Webcam And Screen Recordings?

Now, you will see the recording screen at the top below including the controls. It will be at the bottom of the list, but you can drag it to move it to a new location if you want.

1) Open the control panel. On an iPhone with Face ID, swipe down from the right side of the screen. On the iPhone in front of the home button, swipe up from the bottom of the screen.

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You will see a second number on the button. This gives you a small window of time to navigate to what you want to record on the screen. So, do your best to be ready ahead of time, either to open an app or to switch to another screen.

Once the recording starts, you will see a red bar at the top of the screen, letting you know that it is recording. You can stop the recording by touching this red bar. You will see a confirmation to stop the recording, then click Stop. If you want to continue recording, click Cancel.

How To Record Your Screen On Any Device

Maybe you need to make a screen recording that includes audio. This is also easy to do and you have two options. You can record just the sound from your iPhone’s internal microphone, or the sound from both your iPhone and the external microphone.

This is a good way to go if you are creating a recording where you want to explain what you are doing and also include the sound that is happening on your iPhone in the video.

If you do not want outside noise in your video and only the sound of your iPhone, this is the option you need.

Regardless of the audio option you choose, you will still see the red bar at the top, you can click and confirm to stop it and save your videos and photos.

How To Record Your Screen In Windows 10

In fact, you can search the App Store for screen recording tools and find many of them. But if you’re looking for a recommendation, check out TechSmith Capture. This is a free tool made by the creators of Snagit. So, if you use Snagit on your Mac, you’ll love this option.

TechSmith Capture works similarly to your device’s screen recording tool. But we’ll walk you through the process anyway.

2) Make sure TechSmith Capture has a check mark and click Start Broadcast. Optionally, you can also enable the microphone to record sound on your device.

3) You will see a second number on the top of the screen, giving you time to prepare to record. Scroll around your device taking what you want and tap the red icon at the top when you’re done.

The Easiest Way To Record Your Screen In Windows 10: A Step By Step Guide

4) Confirm that you want to stop recording. You will see a message that the video is saved in the app.

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After opening TechSmith Capture, you can preview your recording, save it, share it via AirPlay, Facebook, Mail or another service, or export it to plugins like Snagit and Camtasia.

TechSmith Capture is designed for iPhone and iPad and is available for free in the App Store. If you use other free apps for screen recording that you want to recommend, please leave us a comment below.

If you plan to use video on your Mac, perhaps for editing or uploading, you can record your iPhone or iPad screen with QuickTime Player on your Mac. This way, you have the video right on your computer screen.

How To Screen Record In Windows 10 Or Windows 11

3) In the QuickTime window, click the arrow next to the Record button. Select your iOS device for camera and microphone input options. You can also choose High or Best for Quality.

4) Press the Record button and go to your iPhone or iPad to perform the action that you want to capture.

Then you have your video in QuickTime on your Mac to edit, analyze, save, or upload.

Things are getting easier and easier with our Apple devices, and the screen recording feature is another example. You can use it for articles, presentations, how-tos, and more. When you want to record your iPhone or iPad screen, you have these three easy ways to do it. Use whatever is appropriate or suitable for what you want to achieve. Which one should you use and why? Let us know!

How To Screen Record With Sound On Iphone In Ios 16

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