How To Make An Ebook For Kindle

How To Make An Ebook For Kindle – Amazon has released several tools that you can use to create Kindle online books, including an epub converter as well as Kindle Kids Book Maker, Kindle Textbook Maker, and Kindle Comics Maker.

Apps make photo books, PDF books, and comic books, a lot. Kindle Create, on the other hand, is built to do all those things, and novels.

How To Make An Ebook For Kindle

How To Make An Ebook For Kindle

Edit: And to be clear, this app creates a file that you can upload to the Kindle store. This is not an ebook you can read on your own.

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You can provide it as either a DOC or a PDF file, and once you import the file you can edit the text, format chapter and section headings, add audio and video clips, and create other changes.

From what I saw this morning, what you can do with an ebook project is limited by the format you start with; Audio books and video clips, for example, can be embedded when starting in PDF but not DOC. (Or maybe the app doesn’t want to cooperate with me?)

However, I still play with the app, as do the writers on the KDP support forums and Chris McMullen.

Pros: * Very easy tool for Wordsters to use. * You can use Word doc, docx or PDF files in Kindle Create. * Automatically discover and share chapter title styles according to the title layout. * Easily and manually allows you to create a TOC, add chapter subtitles and add sections to your Kindle book. * You can also edit your ebook text using space and type. * You can also edit your text directly in the Text View application. This is a great addition!! * You can test your in-app ebook using the modified version of Kindle Preview 3.8 Beta. * You can also use their Template to create your ebook from scratch. * Provides reliability and quick change with Advanced System. * The Create Kindle Help documentation is completely comprehensive and easy to follow. * When I converted my Word doc without a cover (an old ebook on amazon now) to kbc — the total file size was 1.2 Mb. When I convert the same ebook as a pdf doc with a kbc cover – the total file size is 1.4 Mb. So the Kindle Create app has a converter that also uses file compression efficiently. *This is a fast app — no lag.| Help | Sign In Please rate your experience using this page Happy Happy Happy Thank you! We appreciate your feedback. Click here to take our survey and give us detailed feedback. If you have a problem and need help, please contact us.

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If you import a book into Kindle Create in DOC OR DOCX format, your file will be converted into a “reflowable” eBook, which allows the reader to resize the text and work on all Kindle devices and free Kindle reading software. Kindle Create works with many word processing applications (eg, Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, Google Docs) that export in DOC (X) format.

Want to try out Kindle Create with a sample file before using it in your own book? Check out our tutorial.

After installation, you can launch Kindle Create by selecting Windows key > Amazon > Create Kindle (Windows) or Launchpad > Create Kindle (Mac).

How To Make An Ebook For Kindle

Known limitations: tables, lists, and footnotes Tables, lists, and footnotes cannot be edited in Kindle Create. If you need to edit it after importing your document into Create Kindle, make the changes in the source application (eg MS Word), then copy and paste the new content into Create Kindle.

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Edit your Kindle Create eBook with a KCB file When you click Save, Kindle Create will save the KCB file of your book and other resources in the folder you selected. We recommend saving and backing up the folder containing the KCB file and related files, which are needed to update your document. You can start a saved project by selecting Open Existing File and selecting the appropriate KCB file. You can also select a file from the Defaults column or from File > Open Recently.

When you click Create, Kindle Create will generate an exportable file (KPF) that you can drop into the . The KPF file is only used for printing. The KCB file is available for updates.

Create a table of contents A table of contents (TOC) is essential for a good eBook reading experience. This allows readers to easily navigate between chapters.

Kindle Create detects possible chapter titles and displays them. After reviewing and accepting the entries, they are used to create two types of TOCs, the page TOC and the Kindle Interactive TOC.

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The TOC page is automatically updated as you add or remove sections to your book. If you change your chapter headings, the TOC will automatically update to fit the new text.

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If you use title elements (Chapter Title, Page Title, Document Title, Section Title), they are used to create a TOC entry. Sections marked with an orange symbol are not included in the TOC:

Choose a theme Located next to the Save button, the Theme button allows you to choose from predefined document styles. These designs are created by professional book designers and make a well-designed eBook easy ​​​​​​for your readers to enjoy. Choose one of our themes to update the look of your eBook. Any articles you tag in your eBook are updated in the style defined by the active theme. The modern theme is running by default. These themes cannot be edited by the user.

How To Make An Ebook For Kindle

Language note: If your DOC(X) file is in one of the Indic languages ​​supported for eBooks (Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Marathi, or Gujarati), Kindle Create only displays two themes : Classic and Modern.

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Add front text Kindle Create helps you add front text pages such as title pages and feature pages with a few clicks. To add a front matter page, click the + sign next to Frontmatter and select the page you want to insert. Kindle Create allows you to insert the following page types:

A Table of Contents that lists the major sections of a book with corresponding page numbers.

Format the first page of each section In the Contents Pane, the first page of each transition section is displayed as a thumbnail. Select the thumbnail and the section will appear in the EDIT PAN. After you format your next chapter, use the appropriate formatting at the beginning of each chapter:

Formatting additional text After you’ve formatted the first page of each chapter, you can use the Format tab in the Properties pane to make additional formatting changes. Amazon recommends using Elements before making changes to personal reading, because Materials updates the position and reads the paragraphs. Text changes you may find useful in the Format tab of the Properties pane include:

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If you’ve made so many changes that you don’t know how to revert them, clicking the Clear button will return your paragraph to plain text so you can start over.

Add text to Kindle Create allows you to easily add text pages such as Epilogue, About the Author, and more with a few clicks. To add a back matter page, click the + sign next to Backmatter and select the page you want to insert. Kindle Create allows you to insert the following page types:

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Editing text For eBooks imported from a DOC(X) file, you can edit the text in Kindle Create. The most frequent causes are pressure correction and space issues. Tables, footnotes, lists, and inline graphics imported from your DOC(X) file are currently not editable in Kindle Create. Make any necessary changes to the source file and then import again.

How To Make An Ebook For Kindle

Note: When proofreading, use italics in paragraphs if you need to distinguish them from the rest of the text. Using one font for all body text leads to a bad experience for readers because they can’t choose the font they want on their device.

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Adding text If you have a lot of text to update, you can copy the text from the DOC(X) file and paste it into the Edit Pane. The pasted text takes the active format at the cursor position in the Editing Pane. Copy and paste commands are available in the Edit menu or through a shortcut: CTRL + C for Copy (CMD + C for Mac users), CTRL + V for Paste (CMD + V for Mac users).

Adding or changing photos Kindle Create provides support for inserting, resizing, and deleting photos. You can change the size and alignment of your images using options based on professional paper layouts. Kindle Create requires images in JPG format and recommends at least 100 pixels on the longest side and 300 pixels per inch to ensure that the image can be displayed on the Kindle HDX device. Images within a paragraph (inline images) cannot be edited, but you can delete those images in the source and then insert them into Kindle Create. If you have any problems, please contact us.

Inserting chapter header images Chapter header images allow you to add an image at the top of the first page of your chapter that extends to the top, left, and right sides of the page.

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