How To Decorate Kids Bedroom

How To Decorate Kids Bedroom – When coming up with creative kids’ room ideas, goals can vary — you might want more storage for toys, better organization, encourage a favorite hobby, make homework easier, or decorate a space. These kids bedroom ideas prove that any space can be transformed with the right decor, furnishings, paint, and most importantly, creativity. Whether your aesthetic is imaginative and bold or plain, consider these boys’ room ideas and girls’ room ideas for rooms that kids will love (and adults can enjoy, too) that will transform any space and wow youngsters. Also, don’t forget to check out our favorite design ideas for teenage bedrooms and master bedrooms.

Why not use the real estate in your child’s room to encourage and inspire their creativity? This bedroom-playroom combination for kids, designed by Emily Henderson, features a real climbing wall next to a stylish storage unit.

How To Decorate Kids Bedroom

When kids outgrow the pastel colors of the nursery, transform the space with a whole new look in bold primary colors.

Best Kids’ Room Design Ideas

The cheerful yellow color and heavy striped pattern give this kid’s room a positively cheerful aesthetic.

Children’s toys are valuable even after they outgrow everyday play. Then you can create a display that honors the importance of their possessions, elevating stuffed animals and toys in a dedicated yet tidy and inaccessible space.

Give them a space filled with their favorite activity: This Hawaiian bedroom by San Francisco-based NicoleHollis displays an array of surfboards on the wall, a nod to its resident’s true love of the sport.

Bunk beds can be an inexhaustible source of creativity — take simple bunks to the next level with castle-like structures, curtains and a bold wallpaper backdrop, as Southern California-based studio Life/Style did.

Stylish Ways To Decorate Your Children’s Bedroom

Designer Emily C. Butler explains why a vibrant green is not only an aesthetic choice for the nursery, but also a timeless one. “Less traditional than your typical navy, this striking green also plays well with blues, reds, grays, blacks and wood tones, making it the perfect accent color for a bedroom that can easily grow with its inhabitants,” she says.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match prints for a dramatic and vibrant effect. Since blue is used in this bedroom, coordinate the look with a unifying color.

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A California state flag, a cowhide rug, and a woven lampshade transform this space into a peaceful yet elegant gathering place.

Gallery walls don’t have to be just for adults: Dads Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent hung a sleek gold and white gallery wall above a pink upholstered kid’s bed.

Kid’s Room Interior Design: Top 10 Tips To Decorate My Kids Room

Painting a child’s room pink doesn’t mean creating a bland space. Consider this room’s vibrant alcove done in glossy hot pink paint.

Liven up a child’s room by decorating with a liberal use of pattern. A teal and white polar bear print oilcloth is the inspiration for this vibrant and exciting space. A patchwork quilt pattern adds to the play.

Black and white gives a chic and cool feel to people of all ages. This Tribeca loft offers the look and feel in rugs, light fixtures and accessories.

Encourage attention when it’s homework time by creating a desk where kids actually want to sit and work. This attractive space takes advantage of a comfortable corner space with a wall-mounted desk and a shelf displaying vintage soda bottles.

Cool Bunk Beds 2022

If your family loves camping, enjoy the feeling of being together indoors…in the great outdoors. A canvas tent is set up as a fun “bed headboard” in this themed kid’s room.

Give a child’s room a truly personal touch with a piece of furniture like no other, because you’ve looked after it with second-hand care. The owners of this upstate New York cottage found an iron mattress at a yard sale for $40. To top it off, they found a trunk at a thrift store, which they completely transformed with paint for a unique, vintage look.

Stimulate children’s curiosity about the world while encouraging their understanding of geography by transforming a bedroom wall with a map mural. Use pins or flags to mark where you and your family have been and where you will go next.

Orange plaid blankets, faux-wood paneled walls, and a stylish black-and-white childhood photo make this room tasteful, yet fresh enough for kids.

Budget Friendly Kids’ Room Design Ideas

Magazine, her husband, Andrew, had to move their cozy San Francisco home to accommodate their son, Benjamin. Space was limited, so the couple turned to an unused space in their messy entryway for the reno. Black and white horizontal stripes extend the sweet spot, giving it a spacious feel. Now let’s imagine the two Benjamins sleeping, with a beautiful crib and a star-studded ceiling

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A nautical wave rug and orange-striped comforters are a playful pair. Additionally, a rope ladder adds a fun twist to these bunk beds.

For the younger set, choose a beautiful palette that inspires sweet dreams, accented with a patterned ceiling that’s so pleasing to look at.

Soft pastel accents and cheerful yellow curtains make this room pop. A boho canopy and hand-painted artwork complete the room.

House & Home

This “modern princess” bedroom leans against gray walls to tone down the sweetness, but is feminine with wall art and a pink-trimmed canopy.

This inspired paint job takes themed kids’ rooms to the next level. The bright coral color is reminiscent of a marquee, but not too clownish thanks to the muted gray walls.

A deep blue rug wraps around the hardwood floors, but the bright feature of this bedroom is the gold polka dots on the walls.

Jennifer of Delightfully Noted dreamed up a camp-themed space for her one-year-old. Geometric details like a striped rug and plaid curtains complete the adventure-inspired gallery wall. New shelves add tons of storage for toys, and a bright yellow slipcover transforms an old futon from the basement.

Creative Kids Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Just because it’s a kid-friendly space doesn’t mean it has to be colorful and inspiring. Instead, this Hamptons townhouse focuses on creating a relaxed atmosphere, mostly done in sophisticated whites.

A window seat adds the perfect spot to curl up with a book. A chandelier, whitewashed furniture and pink curtains add shabby chic touches.

Alessandra Dubin Contributing Writer Alessandra is a Los Angeles-based digital travel and lifestyle journalist whose work has appeared in Good Housekeeping, Woman’s Day, Prevention, Insider, Glamour, Shondaland, AFAR, Parents, Today and countless other online outlets and papers. I’ve recently taken a break from posting on Fridays/weekends because things have gotten so crazy. But I’m really obsessed with today because it’s timely and I just had to get the word out!!

I’ve had the opportunity to take an amazing interior styling course over the past few weeks and I think some of you will really love it so I’m bringing this up! It’s called Kids Rooms 101 and it’s all about designing and furnishing kids rooms!!!!

Decorating Ideas For Kids’ Rooms + Girls Room Makeover

I first saw this when I felt I had found my true “calling” when I was designing Arlo’s room AKA. Isn’t it cheesy…!? Ah! I loved it so much, and while I enjoyed designing other rooms in our house, nothing matched the excitement I felt about her room.

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I wanted to do more both personally and professionally so I tried to absorb all the knowledge I could about children’s rooms. So I caught up with the course’s co-creators, Belinda (an interior designer specializing in children’s spaces!!) and Ali, and got a little advanced preview of the most recent version of the course.

It is full of concrete concepts and design principles. The design of children’s rooms is very different from other places! Key features of a kid’s room you should keep in mind, such as how to create a focal point, ways to display important items for your kiddos, and tips on how to choose the right rug size and art.

But what you’ll love most, because you ask me all the time, are the easiest (and free or very affordable) tools they’ve found to build design/mood boards. Boom! They blow my mind what they can put together without the crazy expensive software I usually use!

Kids’ Room Ideas You’ll Love

The new class session will begin on November 2. If you’d like to join in, they’re doing early bird pricing now until October 28 (11:59pm AEST, that’s 6:59am PST!). Find all the details here! FYI, all prices are listed in Australian dollars! Remember!! Signing up also gives you access to a list of discount codes from the super nice companies they work with and a great Facebook group where you can exchange ideas with other students and instructors!

So if you are a parent or someone looking to professionally enter the world of children’s interiors, I have to share! If you have any questions about this, leave them below! I’m so glad I took the course and now I’m even more excited to get there

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