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Home Made Desk – Whether you’re decorating your home office or creating a beautiful workspace for your craft room, these DIY desk plans are easy and inexpensive to build. From corner desks to standing desks and more, we have desk ideas suitable for all kinds of spaces. Some even boast smart storage to organize all your stuff Now get to work!

Leave a live edge on this floating desk for a natural aesthetic Attach to the wall with two simple supports

Home Made Desk

For those who swear by the health benefits of a standing desk, this simple design wraps around the room without taking up too much space. Pair it with a bar stool when your feet need a rest

Homemade Desk With Home Depot Butcher Block And Steel Pipe Frame. It’s A Start For Now.

The top of this rustic piece opens to reveal three compartments Ditch the pen and paper for the office – or make it a vanity and include makeup and a mirror.

This DIY desk plan couldn’t be simpler – or easier! Attach hairpin legs to a buttery block top for mid-century modern-inspired furniture that looks straight out of a catalog.

A concrete top adds an industrial element to this Sahars-style desk by Meritwate for The Home Depot.

Incorporate your desk workspace into a slim bookshelf where you can store both functional and beautiful items.

Diy Floating Desk And Shelves

We’ve got the perfect desk for your country home The beautiful country-inspired design (courtesy of Michael and Sarah of Huckleberry Ridge Furniture) features two shelves and X details.

Turn an old dresser into a secretary-style desk with shelves for open storage. This total change is only $10 from start to finish

You’ll have plenty of room to spread out your stuff thanks to this L-shaped display table Jolene’s building plans from The Rustic Bar are amazing for such charm

Pipe is not only a practical way to build desk legs, it also gives the project an industrial style “in”.

Diy Desk Plans To Build For Your Home Office

Reclaim a corner that would otherwise go unused by installing a custom work area Wood shaping base makes the furniture professionally made

A floating desk frees up floor space in this boy’s room You don’t have to sacrifice storage either: The hinged top opens up so he can hide all his knick-knacks inside.

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A system of shelves and brackets mounted on a double track allows you to organize a desk area with plenty of space for you.

Fold into a unique closet with this vintage Murphy bed desk

Industrial Hairpin Desk Handmade From Reclaimed Wood Scaffold

Who says a home office has to cost a fortune? Simple bookshelves and a cheap IKEA desk top combine to form a really cool DIY desk. A surface made of a door holds my computer, monitor, speakers and other Whitson Gordon work needs

After spending countless hours putting together a great workstation, you end up with a fancy desktop, multiple monitors, speakers, and… a computer desk that’s way too small to fit. Here’s how to build your own ergonomic, custom desktop that showcases all your tech, looks great—and won’t break the bank.

There are an infinite number of ways to make a desk But for this particular project I have four conditions that I need my DIY computer desk to meet.

After much deliberation, I decided to build my desk out of a door panel and adjustable desk legs from Ikea. This hits the four goals out of the park, and as a bonus, you should be able to easily find parts wherever you are. Here is what I used

Diy Office // Computer Desk

For a large piece of furniture like this, you need a spacious tabletop. And there are several slabs you can try

The Ikea KARLBY table top has become insanely popular due to its large size and relative affordability – it costs between $100 and $200, depending on size and color. Although you can use one with this guide I wanted to go even cheaper So I got a large door for my tablet

Doors are very reasonably priced, with new ones selling for $50 to $100 If you check Craigslist, you can probably find something for less, or if you’re really lucky, you can pick one up for free. A door won’t be as polished on the edges as a Carlby, and it may need additional work to stain or paint, but I dig the more industrial look. Look for something that has a solid core (not hollow) and a width that matches the ideal desk depth—most doors are 24 to 36 inches wide. If you have a circular roof, you can always cut a large slab to size, but this is not necessary for the patient buyer.

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I chose one with a door that shows the grain of the wood Then I sanded, stained and finished it myself If you end up using a used door you have to deal with a hole where the handle used to be, although you can always use it for cable management in the back. In my case, I hid the hole under my mouse and keyboard mat

Homemade Standing Desk

That’s the other half of this desk’s special sauce Depending on whether you want to add a set of drawers to your workbench, you’ll need four or five support legs in total.

While most people would recommend standard desk legs or industrial tubes, I chose Ikea’s OLOV legs. At $15, they’re a bit more expensive than Ikea’s regular table legs, but they’re adjustable, meaning you can get the perfect height for you. This is important for good ergonomics, so it’s worth the extra cost

Again, look on Craigslist to see if you can find cheap legs I bought a used table containing five OLOVs from a neighbor It cost $30 – less than Ikea $75 for five new legs

No workspace is perfect for storing flash drives, stickers, and other miscellaneous items. I recommend that you meet this requirement with a filing cabinet or drawer set that matches the ideal height of your desk (for instructions on calculating that height, see the next section) so that you can use it as one of the legs. Because it depends on your own size, this aspect becomes very personal

Copsewood Rustic Corner Desk Made From Solid Wood Choice Of

I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but Craigslist is your friend here—even if you don’t have a bustling second-hand market in your area, Wayfair will. I used to have a file cabinet in my house to store all my stuff

Those are the bones of our build, but you’ll probably want to pull a few other things together.

I bought an unfinished door and stained it myself so I also needed wood veneer and semi-gloss polyurethane.

Other items help keep your gear in place If your computer monitors aren’t height-adjustable, you might want to splurge on something like this super-cheap DIY stand. To really clean up your workspace, I also recommend some sort of cable management like a rain gutter or the Ikea SIGNUM tray. Make sure you also add a mouse pad – this will protect your desk surface from black marks and excessive wear and tear.

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Home Made Standing Desk Raspberry Pi Controller

Finally, you need two tools: a drill and a scribe (or a drive bit for your drill). You should attach everything to the wood with screws, but you’ll want to drill to make guide holes and a driver bit will make it easier to put the pieces together. If you don’t have one, borrow a drill from a neighbor

1. Prepare the surface I started by sanding, staining and finishing the door itself The process isn’t very difficult, but the instructions are beyond the scope of this article If you’ve never done it before, get help from a friend or check out this great YouTube tutorial by Steve Ramsey . It should only take a few hours of your time and wait a few days for everything to dry between coats

Applying the stain can be relaxing but make sure you work in a well ventilated area – fumes can be overwhelming Whitson Gordon

2. Plan your ergonomics While you’re waiting for the door to dry, do a little ergonomics test Grab your desk chair and adjust the seat height and armrests to a comfortable position Your feet should be flat on the ground, with your shoulders and knees at about a 90-degree angle. Once you’ve adjusted your position, measure the distance from the floor to the top of your arm, then subtract the thickness of the surface—usually about half an inch. The resulting measurement is the setting you want for your OLOV legs and the ideal height for your filing cabinet or drawer. Write them down and if you plan to include them, buy drawers

Homemade Standing Desk Designs & Ideas (for 2022)

If you’re going to use your desk a lot, you want it to be comfortable Whitson Gordon

3. Place your parts When your album.

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