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While you may have dreamed of one day owning a large piece of land filled with wide open spaces, the reality is that most people have to work in small spaces. In fact, the average home in America in 2015 was 2,865 square feet, while the average size of homes in some of the largest cities in the United States was 882 square feet. For example, the average rental size in Seattle, Washington is only 711 square feet (less than the Manhattan average, which is 733 square feet).

Home Decor Room

That said, there are benefits to working with a smaller space, and there are plenty of small bedroom decorating ideas to help you make the most of the square footage you have. According to interior designer Ginny Macdonald, small spaces are better and easier to clean than larger spaces. “You can pick the parts you have and focus on solving the problem,” he pointed out.

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Want to know how this designer decorated a small space? Keep reading for 22 small bedroom decorating ideas we learned from the pros.

If you are looking for a quick solution in a small space, start by evaluating your current furniture and decide if you need everything. From there, you can remove the unused parts and turn them into other good places.

“The worst thing you can do is fill a small room with a lot of stuff,” says Macdonald. Choose items that will get the job done without taking up a lot of space. For example, Macdonald doesn’t want to put a sectional sofa in a small living room. Instead, he suggests making the couch as big as the room can handle, then adding more seating from there.

Layout is important in a small room. Because you may be short on square footage, where you place all your furniture and decorations is more important than ever. While there’s no exact formula for the perfect layout, Macdonald has some ideas for making the most of your space. “Depending on the shape of the room, always put the sofa on the longest wall because other things can be placed around it,” he says about living room arrangements.

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When it comes to furniture, Macdonald recommends looking for pieces with legs that take things off the floor and create the illusion of space. “[It] keeps things simple and breezy,” he says. Moreover, your belongings will be easier to move.

Macdonald recommends adding extra seating by removing the coffee table’s retractable armrests to hide when not in use. “Small bookshelves can also be used as extra seating with a nice seat cushion on top—this looks great under a window,” she adds.

Make the most of wasted space. For example, adding a few hooks to the back of the door creates extra space to hang towels and clothes out of sight. Under the bed, above the kitchen cupboards, around windows and doors are other places that are not being used.

Painting a room is an inexpensive way to change a small space in a short time. But consider the color carefully. “Most people think white makes rooms look bigger, but if there’s less natural light, then a [white] room can be lifeless,” Macdonald said. “By adding a midtone color, it helps add depth to a small space.” A dark tone can also work, but you risk ending up with a room that will look less. “But the better it looks the better,” Macdonald said.

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Remember, in a small space (or any space, really), natural light is your best friend. “If possible, avoid putting anything in front of a window,” advises Macdonald. This is because you want to let in a lot of natural light to make the room look bigger than it is.

In a small room, but in the bathroom, Macdonald recommends creating as much space as possible for storage. “If you don’t have a medicine cabinet, use some wall space to add small shelves for storage,” she says, adding that the wall space above the bathroom is unused space.

To optimize your square footage, Macdonald recommends using the height of the walls. This means, for example, adding shelves for storage next to the sofa.

When it comes to the bedroom, Macdonald also recommends making the most of the space by placing the largest pieces of furniture against the wall, like the living room. “Don’t be afraid to put your bed against the wall,” she urges. This frees up space for a wardrobe, vanity or desk.

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It may seem shocking to ditch your upper cabinets, but you’ll be surprised how much more open your kitchen can be, especially if you can manage without extra storage. For example, open shelves can appear as if they leave no storage space.

If you’re short on screen space, don’t kill what you don’t need. Wall-mounted lamps and pendant lights can easily take up floor space and table lamps to eliminate clutter.

While adding more decorative elements to a small room may seem counterintuitive, Macdonald explains that certain pieces can open up a small space and make it feel larger. Mirrors are at the top of his list. “Reflectors bounce light, so use these as much as possible to maximize space,” he explains.

Art is essential to a well-appointed room, no matter the size – it can add style to even the most boring of spaces. Macdonald chooses floor-to-ceiling wall art to enhance the feel of the room.

Unique Home Decor Ideas

Romance is the first enemy of a small room. That’s why Macdonald believes it’s important to have a place for all your belongings. Consider drawer organizers, shelves and smart accessories. In the bedroom, drawer dividers can help organize everything and ensure a place for everything.

Decorative bags, boxes and baskets are a great way to create storage and hide unsightly mold. Place them under tables, on shelves or above cupboards. You can also find baskets or trays to place over the toilet or under the bathroom to hold extra paper rolls, towels and other small items.

Layered shelves are a great way to store extra decorative elements without cluttering up a space. “Add a small shelf to a high level that can be used for book and drawer storage and look nice with pots and plants,” says Macdonald.

When trying to calculate the final square feet, adopt the “no corner left behind” mindset—this applies to awkward corners, closets, and cutouts. Look for items that make the most of the space.

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Living Room Decor Ideas With The Home Depot

There is no rule that says a small space can’t be big enough for a person. If you’re a good communicator, bring in all the drama with bright colors, loud patterns, decorative metals and unique artwork. You will do it.

On the other hand, if you’re feeling a little dark when it comes to playing with color, try sticking to a neutral palette. You might be surprised how warm and welcoming your space is, even without an infusion of color.

An easy way to make a space more comfortable is to choose a wall. It draws the eye into the wall, creating the illusion of depth. Paint, wallpaper and fabric are just a few options to adjust the look.

We only use high-quality, reliable sources, including peer-reviewed research, to support the information in our articles. Read our editorial guidelines to learn how to keep our content fair, honest and trustworthy. I visited 3 model homes yesterday and photographed many decorating ideas that you can use in your own home. I LOVE touring model homes and I love criticizing them-not that I’m criticizing model homes. They did a great job on these homes at a community Epcon near me in Raleigh, NC.

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The fact that the place to buy is different from design to living. Stagers selling real estate need to get the word out quickly – that’s their goal. Designing to live must consider real life at every step, so every room must be safe, functional and adapted to the needs and lifestyle of the home owner. However, they have another purpose. Finished rooms should be very pleasant to look at. These villages will succeed.

So, let’s take a look at these beautiful home models. I’ll show you decorating ideas that I really like – and some that I don’t (and why!).


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