Hollywood Bedroom Ideas

Hollywood Bedroom Ideas – Few interior design styles carry the glitz and glamor of an entire decade. But Hollywood Regency is making a modern comeback, after its heyday in the 30s.

When Hollywood’s Golden Age producers, such as William Haines and Dorothy Draper, encouraged West Coast movie stars to decorate their homes with glitz and glamour, another style emerged. The Hollywood Regency style of the 1930s was favored by celebrities from actress Joan Crawford to First Lady Nancy Reagan.

Hollywood Bedroom Ideas

Hollywood Regency design, however, is not a relic of the past. Over-the-top style isn’t just for the rich and famous; the modern version is gaining popularity, promoted by designers such as Kelly Wearstler. Shawn Henderson, design director of online auction site www.eBay.com, says there’s no denying that Hollywood haute couture is back. “Hollywood Regency has taken off in sales,” says Henderson. “A William ‘Billy’ Haines cabinet recently sold on eBay for $7,500.”

Michael Amini Furniture Designs

Not everyone can afford original Haines pieces, but Hollywood Regency-style pieces are within reach of decorators with the tightest budget. Here’s how to incorporate some Hollywood Regency elements into your home decor.

Going Hollywood is all about the Regency experience, says interior designer and furniture designer Barclay Butera. “Special fabrics, lampshades, crystal chandeliers – Hollywood Regency style is glamorous, but there’s a lot to be found in the extraordinary details,” she says.

Designer Kristan Cunningham, star of Design on a Dime, says for those working on a budget, jazzing up thrift pieces is also about paying attention to the details. “If your grandmother gave you a high-end brass chandelier, replace the incandescent bulbs with opaque globe bulbs,” she says. “It creates the combination of ‘super clean and super fussy’ that is so important in Hollywood royalty.”

Hollywood Regency is all about making the home a showcase for guests, and luxury designers didn’t have the glitz, glamor or elegance to spare to make this happen.

Interior 101: Hollywood Glam

“Do everything!” says Henderson. “Hollywood Regency style used bright, shiny colors on furniture. So lacquer the furniture or buy bright spray paint and do it yourself.”

To his credit, Cunningham did just that, buying an inexpensive white lacquer TV stand and adding his own Hollywood Regency design style. “I replaced the knobs with Chinese copper medallions and added brass corners to each door,” he says. “It’s so beautiful, and the best part is, no one else will have the same piece!”

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Velvet drapes, silk lamps, and thick, textured carpets set the style of Hollywood Regency design. “In the Hollywood Regency era, people wanted to be happy with their homes,” says Butera. “The houses were the real destination.” Butera says that adding luxurious fabrics to a decor scheme gives any home the scale and elegance that Hollywood designers sought at the time.

In the era of upholstered sectional sofas and double chaise lounges, the concept of miniature furniture is a novelty. But that’s exactly what Hollywood Regency design is all about, says William Haines Designs spokeswoman Karen Figilis. “It’s difficult to get the right scale,” he says. “Furniture should be in the background because Hollywood Regency design is about people.”

Bedroom Styles To Try, From Modern To Rustic

“An elbow chair is a statement piece, it should sit sideways, with your elbow resting on the chair,” says Karen Figilis, spokeswoman for William Haines Designs. Photo: William Haines Design.

Butera stated that the importance of design is not in materials or accessories, but in the feelings they create. “It’s about entertaining, because we used to have big rooms and big TVs and open floor plans,” he says. “Positioning the room around the furniture and the way people interact with it is a concept.”

Because Hollywood Regency design is meant to be a unique blend of styles with a common theme of luxury, people sometimes make the mistake of thinking that they can throw whatever flea market finds into the mix. Karen says that while design allows for mixing and matching, it’s important to remember to coordinate things.

“The whole idea is that this is a personal piece of furniture,” he says. “It’s a classic piece of furniture that never goes out of style. It’s back because it’s luxurious and elegant, and because you can create a unique look, allowing you to mix and create your living space.”

Hollywood Regency Decor Style Ideas For Your Home

For those who truly want to emulate the masters, however, investing in a few quality pieces can be a real source of pride. “Any piece by Dorothy Draper or William Haines is a great investment,” says Shawn, noting the high prices these items fetch online.

If the cost of a vintage Hollywood design table is too prohibitive, however, Henderson recommends looking into supportive furniture. “Start with small pieces like lamps or side tables,” she says. “To create balance, incorporate some bold colors and layer some china pieces as part of the artwork and accessories.”

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And Kristan says even if you don’t want to go full Hollywood, that’s okay. “Hollywood Regency style is perfect for the younger generation to be able to mix vintage, edgy pieces and live in harmony,” she says, adding that even if you like modern lines, you can wear something similar. high lacquered Queen Anne chair.

While Hollywood Regency design is a throwback to another era, it’s still modern and relevant to today’s fast-paced lifestyle, where people see homes as places to relax.

Glam Bedroom Design Ideas Design Ideas & Pictures

“The whole process is about enjoying the people, enjoying the time [together],” says Butera. “It’s about being nice and watching a bit of a time when television wasn’t so important and it was for dinner and company.”

Bold, black paint can turn even the most basic of construction-grade cabinet doors into an architectural statement. See how to make a black door in your interior.

Timeless, consistent and warm, the revolutionary style combines traditional and modern sensibilities to create spaces that always feel modern.

Not only for trim, but painting black can be an elegant and classy choice for any wall. See how five designers use paint color to a room’s advantage.

Hollywood Glam Master Bedroom

Abbe Fenimore designed this home for the newlyweds and made sure to incorporate travel photos into many of the design products.

When designer Darla Bankston May began remodeling her home, the perfect entertaining space was at the top of her must-have list. He also wanted to display the pieces collected during his travels, giving the place an eclectic and personal atmosphere.

The designer’s challenge is to transform two unadorned suites at the Gaylord Opryland Resort with the help of international artist Sara Evans, who likes romance, simplicity, a complete and eclectic aesthetic.

In the first episode, Design Stars designed the top of a beautiful Hollywood home. See what Vern says they did right, wrong, and how they could have done better. Shop the entire look for under $13,000 and turn your bedroom into a luxurious, sophisticated, and comfortable place to unwind for the day.

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Hollywood Glam Bedroom

So here, I give you a tool to determine your sleeping position. Then shop the design below at one of my favorite online stores with exclusive designer picks: the eDesign Tribe Shop.

Here are some thoughtful ideas included in this bedroom design that can turn any glam room into a stylish bedroom

Unless you’re going for the ultimate minimalist look, plain white walls in a bedroom can feel more austere than luxurious. Get some paint or wallpaper to give your bedroom a warm and creative look.

A romantic bed is the centerpiece of any glam bedroom. It should have an eye-catching feature such as bold color, tufting, unique shape, striking length or fine fabric such as linen or velvet and nail headboard to give the headboard or bed a visually appealing look.

Cozy Grey Bedroom Decor Pieces You Need

Beautiful bedside tables are important bedroom furniture. Choose a nightstand with some gold accents and your style preferences match the deep shade. Here I used black lacquer with gold details. To give your bedroom the royal treatment, first, remove the nightstand. Remove excess paper and objects, leaving only a light, a book, and maybe a small vase of flowers.

Adding enough light to any space is necessary. Whether it’s the ceiling, table lamps or pendant lights, bright lighting adds to the luxury element. Choose a shiny finish like gold, brass or crystals.

If you have unused space near the corner of the window, next to the bedside table or in front of the bed, consider adding a talking chair or bench.

From a practical point of view, it will give you a place to sit and read or put temporary clothes. And from an aesthetic point of view, this style trick – often seen in boutique hotels – allows you to bring a striking design element to your room.

Hollywood Loft Bedroom

Another trick used by the designer to add a little beauty to the room is to place a mirror on the wall above the bedside table, behind any lamp or pendant. This is brighter

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