Free Baby Cribs

Free Baby Cribs – Hopefully, as a baby, your baby will spend at least half a day in the crib (a lot of development happens during sleep!). This means that you will definitely want to invest wisely while equipping your nursery with furniture that is safe, well-built, and aesthetically pleasing.

A convertible crib is a great choice as it can accompany your child from infancy through the toddler years and potentially to preschool and beyond, as it can Converts from a crib to a toddler bed, day bed or king size bed. Convertible cribs are usually full-size cribs that require a conversion kit to a bed (usually sold separately).

Free Baby Cribs

There are many trusted brands on the baby crib market. We’ve found great options for every nursery with choices based on the tests we’ve done, the feedback we’ve received from our user dashboards, our knowledge of the brand. as well as reviews of specifications and features. Here are our top picks for great convertible cribs:

How To Get A Free Baby Crib If You’re A Low Income Family

Best overall convertible bassinet: 3-in-1 convertible baby bassinet Babyletto Hudson Best budget convertible bassinet: Union’s 3-in-1 convertible crib convertible Best portable: Davinci Jenny Lind’s 3-in-1 convertible portable bassinet

Best Classic Crib: Pottery Barn Kendall Convertible. Best Convertible Crib with Headboard: Graco Benton 4-in-1 Convertible Crib and Best All-in-One Convertible Crib Changer: Delta Children’s 4-in-1 Convertible Crib

Before you go shopping, here are a few things you should know before buying a new convertible crib:

In a recent Good Housekeeping Institute survey, the majority of respondents said they would ideally spend less than $300 on a crib. While it’s certainly possible to get a great, secure crib for under $300, many notable cribs cost much more than that. You also need to factor in delivery and installation fees (unless you pick up and install them yourself), as well as the cost of a crib mattress.

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However, convertible cribs offer great value as you can use the same piece of furniture for your child’s sleeping environment as your baby grows, instead of requiring the purchase of outright parts. new.

Fit your needs. The good news in terms of safety is that all new cribs sold in the United States must pass rigorous safety tests set forth by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) as part of federal regulation. under the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act.

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The basis for the safety requirements are two international ASTM standards for cribs, which cover factors such as slat spacing, slats physical integrity, bed hardware requirements crib and modified safety testing procedures.

Be extremely careful when purchasing or using a manual folding bassinet. Older cribs may not meet today’s stricter safety standards. Worn parts or missing hardware can cause serious problems with the integrity of the furniture. If you decide to buy a used crib, make sure it hasn’t been towed and check your own safety to make sure it doesn’t use drop-down edges, that the slats aren’t more than spaced apart. 2 ⅜” and that angle the post is no higher than 1/16”.

The Best Baby Cribs Of 2022

Types of cribs: Even if you’ve decided on a convertible crib, you still need to determine if you want the portable, mini-crib, or standard full-size convertible option. There are also alternatives other than convertible cribs that may be cheaper than before because they are single-purpose, designed specifically for travel or for infants such as cribs.

Conversion Kit: When shopping for a crib, it’s best to purchase the necessary conversion kit right away to later convert the crib into a toddler bed (usually requires a conversion rail) or a day bed or full size bed (usually requires a full adapter). It’s important to buy it all together as designs can be erased over time—you want to make sure you have compatible hardware designed specifically for your crib when it’s time to switch.

Adjustable mattress height: If you want to save your back, choose a crib with multiple mattress settings. That way, when the baby is new, you can set it to the highest setting, and as the baby grows you can lower it as needed.

Safe, Quality Materials: While all new cribs on the market are designed to comply with the latest safety standards, not all are made from the same quality materials. Items such as paint finishes or some treated wood materials may contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs). That’s why third-party certifications like GreenGuard Gold are important labels to look for – they signal that the product has been reviewed to ensure low emissions.

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Storage Options: Some cribs offer built-in storage options, which are great for storing baby essentials like sheets and diapers. For many, this means the drawers are at the bottom of the crib, meaning you don’t even have to think about buying a crib dress! For some, this can mean extra volume on the sides of the crib, which is only something to consider if you have limited space in the nursery.

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Choose a firm, firm mattress. The goal is to keep your baby from getting caught between the mattress and the crib. The only other thing that decorates the crib should be a well-fitting sheet.

Keep the crib bare. In addition to a firm mattress and well-fitting sheets, the sleeping environment should be sterile. This means no toys, blankets or pillows.

Conduct a physical inspection of the crib. Make sure no parts are missing, loose, or damaged, and double-check that all hardware is properly installed and tightened. Only use the manufacturer’s replacement hardware if you need to replace it.

Tenso 3 In 1 Premium Foldable Baby Cribs [free Digital Thermometer]

Make sure the crib is in a safe place. You don’t want it near a window with blind wires or drapes that could pose a choking hazard to your child.

The Babyletto Hudson convertible bassinet has four adjustable mattress positions, so as your baby grows, you can slowly lower the height (and protect your back!). We love that this particular set includes an adapter, so you don’t have to worry about buying the right add-ons to convert your toddler bed or daybed.

This crib is also carefully cared for in terms of materials and has received GreenGuard Gold Certification, which means it has been tested for hundreds of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and thousands of harmful chemicals. If you like mid-century design, you can also equip the room with a matching wardrobe.

You will be hard pressed to find such a well-built crib for such a bargain price in the convertible crib space. It converts into a day bed and a toddler bed (hence the name 3-in-1!)

What Does A Safe Sleep Environment Look Like?

The pivot-style bars on the Jenny Lind convertible bassinet are reminiscent of a nostalgic style that is sure to return. It adjusts to one of four mattress heights and can be converted from a crib to a toddler bed with an adapter.

It’s GreenGuard Gold certified, which means it’s been tested for volatile organic compounds and chemicals, so you can feel more comfortable with the materials it’s made of and you can choose from Lots of color options available.

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The timeless design of this sturdy poplar crib means that as your child grows, the aesthetic will always be in style! This particular crib converts from a crib to a toddler bed with the purchase of an additional adapter.

There is an array of wardrobes and nightstands that fit the entire nursery. The crib is GreenGuard Gold certified, which means it meets or exceeds stringent standards for chemical emissions.

A Free Spindle Crib

This convertible crib set is actually 6 in 1: it converts from a crib to a toddler bed, day bed and full bed (set sold separately), plus a wardrobe shirt with changing table. You can adjust the mattress to one of three height positions when using the crib.

It comes in five colors, so you can find one that matches your room decor. Talk about an all-in-one piece of furniture to go from a preschool essential to a teen bedroom!

This convertible crib converts from a crib to a toddler bed and day bed with included rails and king size bed with headboard and headboard with rails sold separately. The crib is JPMA certified, which means it has been third-party tested to make sure it meets all the necessary safety standards for cribs.

This clever design allows you to decorate the crib to your liking with different colored reels (sold separately). If you want a more muted aesthetic, you can use natural or white piles. For a more colorful atmosphere, there are over a dozen other color options to choose from. Then, to turn it into a toddler bed, purchase an adapter with textured legs and safety pivots, also sold separately.

Make Baby’s Room Safe: Parent Checklist

Rachel Rothman Chief Technology Officer and CTO Rachel Rothman (she/she) is the Chief Technology Officer and CTO at Good Housekeeping Institute, where she oversees testing, implementation, and reporting for all Labs GH’s experience. Our top 10 list of non-toxic cribs includes products that are VOC-free, emissions-free and sustainably produced.

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