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Le bloc buffet is a dynamic design that finds its way into many different positions and interior styles.

Disappearing Tv Cabinet

Seamlessly customize Le Bloc to your home or office with your choice of wood, finish, custom fit, upgrade and position. With these distinctive styles and design details, not to mention excellent quality construction and seamless functionality, Le Bloc Buffet fits into both modern and traditional interiors.

Shallow Tv Cabinet

Customizable and attractive, we can create all of these parts for your project. We will listen and guide you through the customization process, working closely together to create a beautiful disappearing TV cabinet that fits its purpose in your home.

The strong and flexible lines of Buffet Le Bloc are hidden in the country’s number one mechanical television lift. It’s loud and quiet to use, raising and lowering the TV with a soft whisper. We guarantee mechanical parts with the best warranty in the industry for 10 years. This means that all you have to worry about is the combination of finishes, materials and sizes that will work out! We have simplified this part of the process with a simple customization questionnaire that you can start by clicking on ‘Start. Tell us:

Hand built, finished units will be delivered to your location. We ship to every state, from Fresno, California on the West Coast to Rochester, New York and Richmond, Virginia on the East, with all points in between, North and South covered as well.

Each of our TV stands comes with a variety of standard features. These features are carefully selected to give you maximum enjoyment. We offer the largest standard range of features included in the industry and always check to make sure we’ve included everything you need to feel luxurious every time you use your TV stand. In addition to standard features, we offer several optional upgrades for You will choose from:

Lg Releases A Rollable Tv At Ces

USA Made TV Lifts for Furniture TV Lifts We spent over a year researching TV lift systems before deciding on our current USA Telescopic Lift model. It is whisper quiet, smooth, durable and strong. It is provided with a full 10-year replacement warranty. Each lift is installed on your TV stand based on where you plan to place the furniture in your home. You will tell us if it is at the foot of the bed, on the wall or free standing;

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TV Lift Door Panels All furniture systems come with an access panel on the back of the cabinet with a lock and key. This allows easy access to the interior of the furniture lift system for cable management, future upgrades, lift adjustments and basic maintenance if necessary. There is also a 2 inch grommet hole and a cover on the back where you can plug your cables.

HDMI cable with web wrap 2 pre-installed premium grade HDMI cables (version 1.4) with web wrap cables are included with every TV stand. This makes a clean and discreet look very professional. Each cable is labeled for easy installation and pre-wire from the TV to the component parts. If you have an audio video team that has a separate Universal remote installed, this cable will not be included.

Universal TV Mount Universal TV mount is included in every TV mount system. One half of the TV mount is pre-installed on the lift and the other half is packaged, ready to mount to the TV.

Stylish Ideas For Decorating Around A Tv Set

International power pack controllers and cables suitable for your country are available. If you install a TV lift system in the country using 220V, 230V or 240V, we have the right controller and cable for you. Just let us know at the time of purchase.

Easy-to-use height adjuster After positioning the TV where you want it, simply attach the height adjuster nub and you’re set. If you ever replace your TV in the future, it’s as easy as 1 2 3 to replace it. This is the easiest height adjuster on the market.

Pre-Installed Cable Shield Install pre-installed cable shields in the riser so you can easily install all your A/V equipment inside the cabinet.

The above TV stand furniture products are made to order based on your needs and/or suggestions we may provide. This is why outdoor furniture and maximum TV sizes are not advertised. The first step is easy. We work together to learn about your needs and after a few questions back and forth we can quickly provide accurate details, dimensions and pricing for your project.

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To begin this discovery process simply press the *START* button above, answer a few questions and send or call Cabinet Tronix at 866.876.6199 or 1.619.422.2784.

Finished wood samples are available upon request. Most cabinets have 6 sticks of your choice! Walnut, mahogany, maple, cherry, oak or alder.

360 Manual Turn After lifting the TV up, the TV can automatically turn 180 degrees in each direction allowing 360 viewing. The turn has an electronically connected safety feature that prevents the TV from falling unless it is returned to its original position. Swivels are a good choice for cabinets placed at the foot of the bed, in the middle of the room, behind the sofa and in the corner. You can also use swivels for TV cabinets placed on walls and windows, but the rotation will be limited. $750

Sound Bar Bracket The sound bar bracket sits under the TV and allows the sound bar to slide up and down with the TV. There are custom applications including but not limited to adjusting the furniture so that the sound bar does not have to move up and down with the TV. If you are considering this option, please discuss the implications and limitations of the soundbar size and available space with a Tronix cabinet design consultant. $150 for brackets

Contemporary Tv Stand

Back Plate The back plate hides the back of the TV and cables when the TV is lifted. This back plate is attached to the rear bracket of the lifting system that raises and lowers the TV. The back plate is a good choice for units placed at the foot of the bed, behind the sofa or room divider. $250 for the set

The Tronix cabinet furniture system is wrapped in blankets and sent to homes, offices, hotels and more. Our white glove service means that your finished products will leave our facility in perfect condition and will be thoroughly inspected by the shipping company when they arrive. This service costs more but works well for our customers.

If you want, you can arrange your furniture system and send it directly to your domestic or international location.

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Note that even though all the lift and cabinet features are pre-installed, the shipping company does not connect your TV or do your final component installation.

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Cabinet Tronix warrants its TV stand electronics to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for ten years from the date of purchase. The warranty includes all parts, motor components, electronics, metal, etc. If the TV stand proves to be defective in material or workmanship during the warranty period, Cabinet Tronix will replace the TV stand or TV stand free of charge (not furniture). If a certain original purchased product is no longer available (due to improved design, etc.), the defective product will be replaced with a similar product of equal or lower value. Replacement parts will then be covered by the time remaining on the original warranty.

The Tronix TV Cabinet lift warranty does not cover: any product with a serial number damaged, modified or removed; Damage, deterioration or malfunction due to accident, abuse, neglect Be it lightning, fire, water, light, or other acts of nature; Unauthorized product modification; Failure to follow instructions provided with Cabinet Tronix products; Repairs or attempted repairs by anyone not authorized by Tronix Cabinet; cause external products such as fluctuations or failures of electrical power; Use of equipment or parts that do not meet the specifications of Tronix Cabinet; or other reasons not related to product defects.

Shipping charges will not apply to delivery of parts to any US location. (Excludes HI, AK, Puerto Rico). Shipping costs for parts sent overseas will be covered by Cabinet Tronix only with a value of $50, shipping costs over $50 must be paid in advance of shipping.

Our system is specifically designed to be simple and most components are interchangeable by removing it from the control box and plugging in a new one. Replacement of major TV lift components is extremely rare – our service records show just that

Tv Stand Just.stand Für Ihren Fernseher Und Soundbar

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