Brown Bedroom Design

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Brown is a timeless color that is taking the design world by storm on Pinterest. A quick search for “brown bedroom beauty” or “brown bedroom ideas” will turn up some very relaxing spaces with colorful bedding, string lights, and vases. Although brown is considered by many to be a neutral color, it is really versatile and can take on a wide range of shades for almost any style.

Brown Bedroom Design

Whether you’re a fan of deep earth tones or cream, there are plenty of ways you can incorporate a warm brown aesthetic into your home, from the bedroom to the living room.

Neutral Bedroom Decorating Ideas & Expert Tips

Read how you can create a beautiful brown space with designer inspiration.

The bedroom is a great place to add warmth, and what better way to try this trend than by layering on a gray blanket and pillow? White striped trim and stained walls create contrast and have just enough texture.

We can’t get enough of this bathroom design from Jade and Anthony House of Chase. Brass sconces, arches – and not to forget the walls – make you feel like you’re in a spa. For a distressed, textured look, spread an old-world vibe on your bathroom walls with lime juice. Wood bath drawer and vanity cabinets are a plus.

This living space perfectly exemplifies mid-century style. The wall-mounted storage system is unlike any of us, and the wood and beige panels coordinate well with the furniture and carpet. Be sure to consider natural wood as a way to organically incorporate brown into your space.

Modern Bedroom Interior Design. Luxury Bed Room With Brown Color Tone. Windows With Long Curtains And Sheers Stock Photo

If you have hardwood floors and prefer a classic look with modern colors, let your floor do most of the work and bring in pieces in other colors. In this room designed by Dani Dazy, emerald curtains and a sofa frame the space, while a mustard armchair and avocado lamp brighten the room. Brown is a versatile color that works well with a variety of colors.

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For the application, a brown leather chair, like this Eames-style chair, can do the trick. The carpet below also takes on cognac tones, and the overall space is not too big – just enough brown to create warmth.

Who said brown can’t be a toy? This dining room accent wall is a great example of how different shades of brown can be used in art, like these bold florals. Gray, mustard yellow and pink colors create a soft visual palette. These colors also go well with the chair, table and wall sconces.

Surprise your guests with an unexpected touch of brown on your floor tile. We love how the brown tiles are layered around a single yellow tile and then woven into hexagons to create a floral look. Emma Wilson of Wilson Aesthetic illustrated the design at Tatte’s Bakery and Cafe. Honestly, if we saw such a beautiful specimen, we would probably stop and take a picture! Ashley Kenirim has over a decade of experience in content writing, editing and strategy. He has held positions at Time Magazine, AOL, and JPMorgan Chase. She is also a home decor and DIY enthusiast who spends her free time decorating (and redecorating) her home.

Creating A Comfortable, Modern And Beautiful Bedroom Design

If you’re looking for a neutral color that brings calm and serenity, consider brown. While brown may not be the color you’re used to, it’s definitely not something you should sleep with, especially in the bedroom. There are endless shades and depths of brown, so you can easily find a way to bring this unexpected color into your room.

From a simple wall to colorful brown furniture, there are many ways to bring brown into your bedroom. Darken those white walls with a coat of paint or two, or look for unique artwork to add instant warmth.

A rich brown finish, such as Tanner’s Brown from Farrow & Ball, can create a cozy and warm escape in the bedroom. This color is perfect for rooms with lots of natural light that don’t look too dark and gloomy. Mix it with bold colors like orange or green to pop, or keep it neutral with light beige or off-white to really give the brown center stage.

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Brown can feel rich and dense, but it can also look very earthy. We love this cool brown color, especially when paired with chalk florals.

Beautiful Black And White Bedroom Ideas

This room gets bonus points for choosing murals that work in both colors to really pull the entire space together.

If you’re thinking of adding wallpaper to your bedroom, this brown paint option is a great way to add color without feeling too neutral. Pair it with crisp white for a nice contrast, or keep it in the brown family with beige or tan bedding.

Decorating the bedroom with a monochrome theme is a good way to keep the space calm and simple. You can use different shades of brown to give a room dimension and depth, but try to find shades with equally warm tones.

If brown is too much of a commitment for you, you can still get the warmth of brown. Choose furniture with a rich brown material that feels earthy and heavy, but keep the rest of the room light and airy with cool neutrals.

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For the wall color, choose a light white or light beige color that adds depth to the room but doesn’t feel dark with the brown bed and nightstand.

Even the color brown is enough to add depth to your bedroom. This wall hanging tapestry has just enough brown to give the bedroom a rich and dramatic feel without trying too hard.

Where do you always find different shades of brown? in nature. We can’t get enough of this tropical-inspired wallpaper in muted golds, greens, and browns. It’s a great way to add color to a bedroom, but still feel incredibly earthy and relaxed.

If you’re thinking of a neutral nursery, brown is a great and unexpected color. It works well with animal-themed nurseries and adds just enough color to feel like a warm, rich hug.

Traditional Distressed Brown Bedroom

Brown has many colors and is probably one of the most commonly used brown colors. This light brown color is a great alternative to beige when you want to add some richness to your space. Also goes well with cane and cane style furniture.

Brown works very well in natural fabrics such as linen or bamboo. Place your bedding to add lots of texture and alternate shades of brown to create depth in your bedroom.

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You can keep the entire bedroom soft and neutral, or you can paint the walls a light green or orange, or throw in some pillows for a splash of color.

From sisal to jute to linen, natural materials are often found in original colors. You can play with different shades of brown and tan, focus on handmade, natural furniture or accessories that have no color. Embracing nature in the bedroom creates a relaxing atmosphere that you never want to leave.

Bedroom Decorating Ideas In 2022

If you haven’t considered wood paneling as a way to play with brown in your bedroom, this bedroom will make you think again. Consider replacing your ceiling with a layer of wood paneling to transform your space and create an instant mood.

A dark, rich chocolate works well in bright spaces, but a room with no sun should be a little brighter. Consider a toffee color that is warm enough, but still cool and neutral. It’s a great alternative to the beige or gray colors you might be used to decorating with.

Rattan and cane furniture is very popular right now and it’s a great way to decorate your bedroom with brown. Light tan pieces don’t weigh down the space like stark brown furniture, and soft light brown walls pull the whole look together.

Another way we love to decorate a bedroom with brown is to focus on pale shades of brown and combine them with peaches and oranges. Because tan and peach are similar colors, they go well together and can be a great way to add color to your bedroom without overdoing it.

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Not only does wallpaper add texture to your space, but it can add a lot of visual appeal without hanging any art. This neutral and cozy space has a polka dot wallpaper with splashes of brown and tan that are earthy and welcoming.

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