Best Wall Covering For Bathrooms

Best Wall Covering For Bathrooms – If you are planning a new bathroom or a renovation, it is important to prepare the walls correctly. Protecting your drywall from moisture is very important. And this greatly affects the beauty of your room.

For a long time tiles were the only game in town. But there’s a new kid on the block – wall panels. So which option is better? And what do you need to know to make the right choice for your bathroom?

Best Wall Covering For Bathrooms

This is where we can help! We will look at the work for shower wall panels instead of tiles. And we will look at the advantages and disadvantages of different options.

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Shower wall panels go by different names so don’t get confused! If you hear someone talking about shower panels, bathroom wall panels or bathroom curtains, they are basically the same thing. This is a large panel that acts as a water barrier on the wall.

Shower wall panels are specifically designed for use in the shower. You may want to coordinate the look with matching panels elsewhere in your bathroom. Or maybe you want to keep it simple by making the bathroom a focal point.

We assume you are familiar with bathroom tiles! They work on the same principle as panels. In other words, they provide a waterproof layer to protect your walls and prevent the growth of mold and mildew.

Tiles can vary widely in both size and shape, from small mosaic squares to large brick shapes. In all cases, they are smaller than the panels. They can be made from different materials such as ceramic, clay, stone and glass.

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So now that we are clear about what we mean by shower wall panels and tiles, let’s see how the two compare.

Wall panels and tiles are poles apart when it comes to installing your wall covering. And the wall panels win hands down.

You know this can be a time-consuming and messy task. There is battered mud to cover all your hands and clothes. And those little tiles are a pain to occupy.

If you have a large wall to cover, tiling can take several hours. If you’re replacing old tiles, you’ll need to spend a lot of time removing them before you begin. You can also damage the drywall in the process, which gives you more work.

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Wall panels, on the other hand, are very easy to handle. You only need one panel for each wall of your shower enclosure.

Even if they cover a large area, it is very easy to connect two panels. Many designs have tongue and groove edges that lock together. Others need to be covered with sutures and sealants. However, compared to bricks, there are a few annoying edges.

If you already have tiles, you’ll be happy to hear that most wall panels can be installed on top. Once you’re in, no one will know you didn’t spend hours ripping out your old tiles. Since your walls can withstand the weight, you get an extra layer of protection.

When it’s time for a change, it takes a while to remove the panels. That’s not to say it’s going to be a walk in the park – but it’s a lot easier than pies. If you have shapes that are difficult to cut, you can use the old panel for the new template.

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All this means that installing shower wall panels is faster and less messy than the ceiling.

However, there is an argument in favor of tiles – familiarity. If you’re getting someone to do the work for you, any businessperson worth their salt will have the experience to make a profit. Shower wall panels are a new product.

Don’t let this stop you. The fact is that it is easy to install. But beware of sellers who try to force you to pay to install something “new-fangled”.

The lack of waste involved in installing shower wall panels is good news when it comes to renovations.

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Anyone who has had tiles for a while knows that dirt can be difficult to keep clean. Discoloration in places like the shower is a very wet problem. You may need to use a marker pen to get back to the original shade.

And over time, the gap between the layers can disappear. This can lead to flat boards and provides shelter for mold and mildew.

In the shower wall, on the other hand, there is no mud to worry about. And the surface color does not change.

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To maintain cleanliness, wipe once a week. Soapy water works well, or you can use a vinegar solution if you prefer. If you choose vinegar, try it on an inconspicuous patch first to make sure it doesn’t damage the finish.

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Both tiles and wall panels can be damaged if hit hard. And if this happens, the damaged tile or panel must be replaced.

With the panel, you have to change a larger area than the tile. This makes it more expensive and takes more time.

When it comes to tiles, there are many design options. You can choose luxurious natural stone tiles. Or incorporate pattern and color with ceramic or clay versions. While standard tiles are square, you can find interesting options like rectangles and hexagons.

Shower wall panels offer many options. You can choose stone-like finishes, glossy-gloss finishes or a simple acrylic finish in a variety of colors. And if you want a hassle-free tile look, some panels even have mud lines.

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One thing you can’t get with wall panels is a different feel. Even textured panels are made according to the material – usually uPVC.

Shower wall panels are usually smaller than tiles. This may be so, but as with everything, it depends on your preferences.

A cheap tile can be cheaper than a high-end panel. But luxury stone tiles are inevitably more expensive than wall panels.

Do not forget to consider the size of your bathroom and the width of the panels or tiles. This way, you know exactly how much you need. (If you’re laying carpet, remember to add an extra 10 percent or so for waste.)

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Be sure to add the extras – if you’re making tile, with sealant and any shortening you need.

If you are looking for someone to do the installation for you, you need to budget for the labor. Try to get three quotes to make sure you get a fair price.

As for price, the answer to which option is best for the environment depends on the specific product you choose.

Many shower wall panels are made from petrochemical-based uPVC. They are not renewable resources and the production process produces toxic chemicals.

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Some products release chemicals into the air known as volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. These people can harm health.

The FloorScore system provides floor coverings with independent certification of low VOC emissions. There is nothing similar for wall panels. Some manufacturers – like DumaWall – guarantee that their products emit no VOCs.

On the other hand, you can be sure that ceramic, ceramic, glass, and stone do not emit VOCs. But it’s still important to choose a low-VOC tile adhesive and sealant.

If you choose wood fiber wall panels, make sure they come from sustainably managed forests. The Forest Stewardship Council logo on the product packaging indicates that the raw materials come from ethical sources.

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Should you choose shower wall panels over tiles? The answer is – it depends on what you want!

If easy installation and maintenance is your priority, then yes, shower wall panels would be a better choice. But if you prefer environmental sanitation, tiles have advantages. Make sure you only look for products from companies with sound environmental policies.

Both panels and tiles are available in many different finishes when it comes to your interior design plan. The number of materials and manufacturers is greater for roofs. But if you want a low profile, you can’t beat shower wall panels.

Whichever option you choose, we hope we’ve helped you make the right decision for your home. Enjoy your new bathroom! Many of us prefer inviting bathrooms with elegant showers and bathtubs that feel more like a home spa than simple places to cleanse our bodies of the day’s impurities. Choosing the right materials for each of your bathrooms, especially bathroom walls, is very important to help you achieve the design you want.

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