Best Puppy Training Methods For First-time Dog Owners

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We have gone through many theories and discussions in previous posts, now it’s time to start putting it all into practice.

Best Puppy Training Methods For First-time Dog Owners

In this article, I will show you how to train your puppy and turn him from something that he has never seen in the crate, to have a good time there, and to find himself as his desired resting place.

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To achieve this goal, we will use the natural curiosity and instinct of your puppy, using the method explained, without the use of force or coercion.

Before learning how to crate a puppy, we must first understand what crate training actually is.

This is the process we go through to teach our puppies that their crate is a happy place, a place where only good things happen, so they want and look forward to quiet and relaxing times there.

A crate-trained dog will voluntarily move in and out of the crate without using force, feel comfortable being locked up occasionally, and calm inside without making a fuss or showing signs of stress.

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They will look and feel safe, appear very happy without crying to be released, and will often go to the cage by themselves.

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Because without going through the crate training process first, if you try to crate your puppy, he will almost certainly be afraid, feel isolated, and fear the crate instead of loving it.

If you take the time to do the activity in small steps, from slowly introducing the puppy to the crate to spending a small but increasing amount of time in it, they will learn to love it and you can both enjoy the big benefits. it offers.

Hacks To Get Your Dog (or Puppy) To Listen To You

Many people say that their dog likes to sit in a crate, although that is not always the case.

As long as you don’t ask your dog to come to the crate he will do so happily and when they get there they will look happy to go inside and relax playing with toys and never cry out, despite the door. closed, then learning the cell is a time-consuming thing.

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And until you fully crate your puppy, you will not be able to reap the many benefits it brings to you and your puppy. Such as:

QUICK RECOMMENDATION: Another device we love for house training is the Smart Bell Dog Potty Doorbell. It takes a little practice, the smart bell reminds you when your puppy needs to go potty, and is also great for working with the “Touch” signal.

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I’m afraid there is no definite answer. Depending on the nature of your puppy and how well it works, this whole process can take a week or a month. It varies greatly from dog to dog.

Sure, they cry from time to time and it’s not easy at all, we’d be lying if we said it was easy, but after a few short days, they’re basically quiet all night and happy to spend time. there during the day.

Worked before he was happy to be crated for something over 15 minutes. My memory is hazy, but I believe it took a few weeks.

But I have to admit that I remember my parents not really training him and sometimes using force to confine him… now. .

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With consistent, well-planned strategic training, most puppies will enjoy cage time for 1-3 weeks.

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When introducing your puppy to the crate, give him the Calmeroos Puppy Toy. This will help your puppy feel more comfortable on their first night in the crate.

First Time Dog Owner Guide

Keep in mind that every puppy and every owner is different when scheduling puppy crate training.

Some puppies are brought to the cage immediately, with little or no fuss. Others require rigorous training for several weeks and most fall in between.

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Another factor is how much effort you, as the puppy trainer, can put into the process.

If you live at home and can dedicate a large number of training periods throughout the day, you will achieve success sooner than a full-time office worker who can only collect exercise boxes in the morning and evening. , and weekends.

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So instead of making a schedule, I offer a plan that you can follow from start to finish at whatever pace you and, more importantly, your puppy can handle.

It doesn’t matter if you need 6 days or 6 weeks. Just follow each step, one at a time, at your own pace, and you’ll be sure to have a happy crate-trained puppy before you know it.

Since you have landed on this page, I am assuming you have decided you are going to crate your puppy.

You have made the right decision as this is one of the best things you can do for your puppy’s early development.

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But if you are still undecided, please read: Why You Should Use a Dog Crate to see the many benefits and debunk the myth that it is cruel.

And before we get into the heart of how to make a puppy, for those who haven’t followed my crate training series, you should first prepare the crate and absorb some introductory knowledge.

First and foremost, make sure you read when and when not to crate a puppy so that you use it in the best interest of your dog and eliminate all possible abuse.

Second, make sure you read up on what size crate your puppy needs, because a crate that is too small is inhumane, and too big loses a lot of usefulness and attraction for your puppy.

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The linked article has instructions and tips on how to measure your puppy for a crate and why it’s so important.

If you haven’t purchased a crate yet, you can view our list of top quality and highly rated dog crates that we are happy to recommend.

If you’ve recently adopted a new puppy or are planning to adopt one soon, you should check out this new puppy checklist put together by our friends at Puppy In Training. This checklist includes just about everything you need for your new puppy.

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Please place the drawer away from direct sunlight, heat sources and away from drafts.

How To Crate Train A Puppy: Day, Night, Even If You Work (2022)

Line the bottom of the drawer with a drawer mat or whatever you choose to use. Want to make it pleasant and comfortable to lie down.

The cage belongs to one dog and is their special place and is not shared, especially since dogs kept together are easier to fight and there is no escape from them.

Finally, for safety reasons, before allowing the puppy to enter the crate, make sure that there is nothing inside. No strap, no collar, nothing! They can catch and strangle puppies.

Click here to read my article on where to put the casket, how to prepare it, and what to include to keep it safe and comfortable.

Positive Reinforcement Training

Since your puppy will be scared of the crate – this is the worst thing that can happen, the thing you want to do is simply get the puppy used to being in it, looking at it, maybe even wandering in and out. that.. their own free will, without formal training or efforts to lure them inside.

Install the drawers first and secure the doors to keep them open, or remove them if you can. If it closes in on your puppy, he may panic, and you don’t want that.

If you follow my advice from the previous post, place your box in a busy area of ​​your home where you spend most of your time.

So put some treats next to the crate, around it and right inside it, then bring the puppy to him next to you, put him on the floor and just relax. Watch TV or do a crossword puzzle. Don’t make noise out of the box.

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Let your puppy explore all of this on his own while he eats his food. Eventually they will stick their head directly inside to eat the treat there. When they do, stick a few more inside for them to eat.

After a few minutes, move away with the puppy and do