Beige Rug Living Room

Beige Rug Living Room – The geometric pattern in warm and cozy colors is perfect for both modern and more traditional homes. Handcrafted from wool by skilled craftsmen, it has a timeless beauty that will be cherished for years.

These carpets are made by skilled artisans with good working conditions and fair wages in organized weaving centers in India and Bangladesh.

Beige Rug Living Room

Perfect for your living room or under the dining table, as the flat woven surface makes it easy to pull out chairs and vacuum.

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A combination of traditional craft techniques with innovative design – this is a unique item. Handcrafted by skilled craftsmen, no two products are the same, but all share the contemporary expression created by our designers. When you choose this product, you are not only bringing home something truly unique – like all other items, you are contributing to the creation of sustainable workplaces with good working conditions and a better everyday life for more people.

Wool is a natural, durable and renewable material. It is naturally stain resistant and flame retardant – and a great insulator. This makes wool an attractive material in products such as carpets, upholstered furniture and mattress wadding. Environmental benefits should also be considered. Wool has a smaller carbon footprint than many other textile fibers. This is because goats can be raised in uncultivable areas and on uneven terrain. Also, wool is biodegradable and takes relatively less time to decompose. There is a long-term trend away from pristine fossil materials towards more natural and sustainable materials. Wool is an excellent example of a sustainable material when it comes from farms where the sheep are treated with respect and the land they graze on is responsibly managed.

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Respect for animal rights is important, so when suppliers sign up to work with us, they must meet our animal welfare requirements as set out in our Code of Conduct. In addition, we are committed to transitioning our traditional wool supply chain to 100% responsibly sourced wool by the end of 2025. This means that all our wool comes from animal welfare and land management certified farms and is fully traceable back to the agricultural level. Started working on farms in New Zealand certified under the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS). RWS is an independent and voluntary standard, which means that companies and manufacturers can choose to be certified. Certifications like this are a way to ensure that goats are treated with respect and that best practices in land management and conservation are used. Using the skills acquired in New Zealand, a well-structured country with a long tradition of sheep farming, we can transfer our learning to other wool-producing countries.

Being able to trace the wool used in our range back to its origin is essential to ensure responsible sourcing and decent animal welfare for sheep. Internally, we work to ensure chain of custody by using certified farms as suppliers of our raw materials. Thus, the wool we work with can be traced from the final product to the farms. An independent certification body inspects certified farms every year to ensure compliance with requirements and standards.

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Forming the right strategic partners in the global supply chain takes time and results. By changing all our wool to 100% responsibly sourced wool and talking about the process of our journey, we aim to show how this change can be achieved, raise awareness and drive demand for responsible wool sourcing.

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Wool is a practical natural material that usually comes from sheep. Raw wool is washed and then spun into yarn. Wool carpets have many advantages. They are soft, warm and comfortable to walk on, and they are very durable. Wool has its own natural oils and is stain resistant. This means that the dirt remains on the surface and does not penetrate the carpet. Shed all wool carpets – some more, some less – and vacuum regularly to prevent loose fibers from scattering.

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